Whatever Lifts the Corners of Your Mouth, Trust That

“Whatever lifts the corners of your mouth, trust that.” Rumi

Wow! Just wow!! Reading this totally lifted the corners of my mouth.

What if we could start to live our lives from this perspective?

We live in a world that doesn’t promote living this way at all. In fact, I’d say it’s the opposite.

We’re trained to get busy with the “business” of living. We’re trained to tell ourselves, once I get this accomplished, then I’ll have more time to do the things I really want to do. Once I retire, I’ll have more freedom. Once I get this business rocking, then I can have epic vacations with my family.

Once I… Once I… Once I…and before we know it, our life starts to flash before us and we’re Once I-ing ourselves into a fairly chronic state of anticipatory stress. We’re either waiting for the shoe to drop when things fall apart or we’re waiting for…the rest of the sentence to be completed on our Once I… mantra.

I think this is the problem. We’ve been trained to turn life into a business that requires a lot of effort. We taught to try harder. We’ve learned to put our lists together for what we want in our life and some of the things on our list come into being, while others don’t.

And then what?

What do we do when things on our list don’t happen? Usually we judge ourselves.

“I’m not doing this right.”

“I’m still blocking this.”

“I just can’t figure this out not matter how many things I try.”

“I’ve worked on this before.”

“I’ve just got to put my nose back to the grind stone and get back at it”

“I’ve got to work harder.”

UGH!!! On and on ad nauseam.

But what if, the world we live in is missing the mark here?

What if all of these things we’ve learned to say to ourselves aren’t true? (Like hard work gets it done, or Once I…)

What if life really is supposed to be a lot more fun?

What if we are meant to do things every day that actually make the corners of our mouths lift into a smile?

What if the world we live in is asleep at the wheel?

What if most of us have learned to believe the programming we’ve been taught?

What if there is another way?

What if it’s something to consider? I mean really just consider this.

What if we are meant to do things every day that actually make the corners of our mouths lift into a smile?

If this resonates, I invite you try out the following script and see how it feels.

Karate Chop: Even though I have this belief that I’m supposed to work hard to have the life that I want, what if, there is another way?

Karate Chop: Even though I have this belief that I’m supposed to work hard, to try harder, and then I’ll get results, what if this works sometimes, but it never really lasts?

Karate Chop: Even though I have this belief that in order to have a successful life, I have to work hard to create it, I’m open to seeing this differently now?

Eyebrow: What if there really is another way?

Side of the Eye:What if I’m actually not meant to work really hard?

Under the Eye: What if I’m meant to have more joy and fun in my life each and every day?

Under the Nose:What if I can wake up to the truth that l’m meant to live my life in a way that makes me smile?

Chin Point: What if this can become my reality?

Collarbone: What if this really could be possible?

Under the Arm:What if it’s okay that I may not believe this yet, in fact I may even resist this thought.

Top of the Head: What if for now, it’s just something to consider.

Eyebrow: What if I believe I need to overthink this and figure out how this would work? What if this is okay?

Side of the Eye: What if I don’t have to figure out the how?

Under the Eye:I may not believe this yet, but I sure like the idea that this could be possible.

Under the Nose:I like the idea that it’s just something to consider right now.

Chin Point: What if I can consider this even just a little bit?

Collarbone: What if it’s possible that I can find more ease in my life?

Under the Arm: What if it maybe, kinda, sorta could be possible that I could learn to live my life with a little more smiling?

Top of the Head:What if, right now, something about this kinda feels true?

Take a Breath.

Just notice what comes up for you as you tap on this. If it interests you, just keep tapping on this and see what happens.

Oh and Happy Valentine’s Day if you celebrate it.

Until Next Time,