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How to Use Your Negative Thoughts to Create What You Want

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If you’ve ever been afraid of your negative thoughts because you don’t want them working against you, then sign up for this free tapping practice.

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When you receive the script, tap along saying the words out loud so that you can hear them as well. It helps to get all of your senses involved.

Tapping is a highly effective, surprising and slight strange technique. It allows you to release stuck emotions so that you can get back to your truest, highest self and begin to get lasting positive traction and create what you truly want.

You will be guided, in each script, to tap on negative statements. This is to help call to mind the stuck emotions that can inhibit you from moving forward in your life.

Then you will be guided to ease your thoughts to a better feeling place as the tapping script continues. It is recommended that you tap through each script as many times as you need to, to help you release any strong emotions that may surface.


Please note that strong emotions can surface when you’re tapping, and this is a really positive thing. It indicates that you have targeted stuck emotions.

This allows for great results, because as you release you’ll notice you feel lighter, more peaceful and over time more naturally positive without having to try to be.

What a relief!!!

By signing up this Free program, you agree to take responsibility for yourself. Just keep tapping until you feel soothed. Tapping really works.

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For the next 21 days, you will receive a Tapping script in your inbox. Tap along so you can begin to experience the calmness and lightness that can come.

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