Tapping Dollar Store

Tapping for No One Will Ever Buy My Coaching

When you believe you have to be perfect to help someone.

Tapping for Feeling Like a Fraud

When you struggle with feeling like a fraud doing your business.

Tapping for This isn’t Going to Work for Me

When you’re convinced whatever you do in your business won’t work for you.

Tapping on I am Not Good Enough to Do This

When you doubt your ability to succeed at your business.

Tapping for Fear of Getting It Wrong and Not Being Perfect

When you have fear in your business about getting it wrong.

Argue Tapping for Self Blame

This is to help you break up the thought patterns you may have in place tied to self blame.

Rant Tapping to Release Self Blame

This is help you learn how to release the potent emotions you may carry in blaming yourself.

Tapping for Stepping Away from Your Inner Pusher

To help you give yourself permission to take a break.

Tapping to Release Energy for Not Getting What You Want

To help you see not getting what you want differently.

Tapping to Soothe Your Worry

To help you find relief from worrisome thoughts.

What if It is Not Too Late for Me

Bridging statements to ease your brain into believing it’s not too late for you.

What if I Can Learn to Love and Accept Myself and Trust

Bridging statements to ease your brain into more trust, self love and self acceptance.

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