Learning to Love All of You

Why isn't my life where I want it to be?

I’ve worked on myself until I'm blue in the face. I actually think I looked like a Smurf.

There have been times in my life, I've made it a job to "fix" myself, as if I'm broken. I think that's part of the problem. The belief that I've been broken and need to be "fixed."

I've followed and practiced the Law of Attraction Principles. I've taught them for God's sake.

I've created Vision Boards, done Focus Wheels, Meditated, used EFT/Tapping, told my story over and over again the way I want it to be, so many times and though I do admit to feeling better, A LOT better in many areas of my life and seen significant changes in my life and work, I noticed that this longing was surfacing again. This came from this feeling that despite all of this "working on myself" my life is STILL not where I want it to be.

I've tried everything and anything that's crossed my path.

And STILL…I found myself back in this place of feeling like there's got to be more.

I mean WTF!!!

I was beyond frustrated and actually scared because I was dipping, no wait, swan diving into fear with a little hopelessness thrown in as I noticed some things I desired to happen were coming into being while others weren't.

And guess what I would focus on?

My desires that still weren't being fulfilled.

So I'd find myself back into this seeming never ending cycle of self improvement.

And yet…do I really feel improved?

The answer is both yes and no.

So what is this about. The thought that kept coming back to me is…


This was my inner dialogue not all that long ago.

In my frustration and even occasional despair I actually surrendered…meaning I asked for guidance and help and yet I didn't realize the power of this.

I was so frustrated that I just did it. Call it being on my knees, and sometimes I've actually gotten down on my knees, from trying sooo hard to change my life and yet still finding myself in a state of wanting.

And guess what happened, after I let go and asked for help from something greater than myself…

…help came to me in the form of guidance and direction, without me “trying” to figure it out, or find it.

A book dropped in my lap, an impulse to click on a link online, a quote came to me, a voice on the radio shared something and then I followed that impulse and help began to be revealed, and this is still happening.

I don't care what one chooses to call it…God, The Universe, The Divine, The Dinosaurs (wink wink), Source, Great Spirit, Intuition, Higher Self. It's different for everyone. But when I did this surrendering, (and I've done it before) something happened and still happens and now my desire is to live my life more from this place of asking for help and guidance.

So what is this longing really about. I've come to realize it's about missing a connection with whatever we chose to call a power greater than ourselves.

We've learned to get really busy “trying" to create what we want, but underneath all of this trying you may find there's quiet longing and maybe not so quiet some times.

It makes sense that we've gotten so busy making a “business” of life, because we live in a world that promotes us doing this…and this works…for a while, until the longing surfaces again.

If you've ever felt frustrated or scared, despite all of your improvements and you know you've tried many things to shift and change what's NOT working, and yet you're still fighting the fight, efforting and trying without seeing much really shifting...There is another option.

If you feel like, you're missing something or longing for something more, yet can't figure out what that is…

What if what's missing is a deeper connection with the truest part of you, the part that guides you?
What if by rekindling or developing this connection you find you're starting to stress a little less and relax a little more?
What if you discover the ways in which you have felt tied down and unable to move forward and you learn how to move beyond these constrictions more each and every day?
What if you start to feel freer and from this freedom, new possibilities start to come to you?
What if through the development of this connection you begin to trust the guidance that comes, despite what anyone else may say?
What if hope and faith return?
What if the longing starts to subside?
What if you discover guidance and direction that's right for you?
What if you realize this is the way you've always been meant to live?

If this resonates, click on this link to learn more about the support group and register if it feels like a fit.

Here's what's included:

1 Weekly 75 Minute Group Call

These calls will include Tapping along with other practices for you to integrate into your daily life. The more you use this group, the more you’ll begin to see the shifts you’re making in your life.

All calls are recorded so you can listen to them at your convenience if you can’t attend them live.

(IMPORTANT: This is an ongoing supportive community and your subscription will auto-renew depending on the option you choose.)

Group calls are held weekly on Monday's from 12:30pm - 1:45pm MT.

Private Supportive Facebook Group

This is a community where you can connect with others who are learning together for additional support.

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Monthly Subscription: $39 per month for 12 consecutive months. This will auto renew each month, until you cancel it.

Yearly Subscription: $375 (20% Discount) 

I would love to have you join an amazing group of like minded people who are on this journey as well.

Until then,