What if you could change your life, just by changing how you say something?

This simple yet powerful technique can do just that. Experience the hidden power of "What if".

365 Days to Embracing Forbidden Emotions

This book is both a supplemental guide to the first book, Forbidden Emotions – The Key to Healing, and a standalone daily guide to help you make micro-changes that lead to profound shifts in your life. Some concepts are repeated throughout the book intentionally. The purpose is to help you practice these concepts frequently, so you embody them and see lasting results.

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The Certification Mentoring Group

This program is to support any practitioner that wants a safe place to collaborate and learn more effective ways to use tapping. It’s also to support you in growing your business.

Forbidden Emotions

In this groundbreaking book, Marti Murphy takes us on a deep dive into our emotional landscape. We come installed with a full palette of emotions, but our culture teaches us that some are bad and should not be felt. Marti calls them forbidden emotions. Emotions we tell ourselves it is not okay to feel because we learned to reject them. Hatred. Rage. Despair. Even joy. The list goes on. What happens when you slowly feel deeper? It frees your physical body from all your suppressed emotions. You heal emotionally, spiritually, even physically.

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Tapping Really Works

This group is to help you along your personal journey with tapping. It’s a warm group of welcoming people all looking to find more peace and fulfillment in all areas of life.

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