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Are you ready to use your negative thoughts to create what you want?

Marti Murphy

How to End the Cycle of Failing - How to Uncover and Release Self-Sabotage

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Evolve 2.0

What if you no longer have to try to manifest what you want? What if you can tune into something so much bigger and better than this and something amazing starts to happen?

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Free 21 Days of Tapping Practice

For the next 21 days, you will receive a Tapping script in your inbox. Tap along so you can begin to experience the calmness and lightness that can come.

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Forbidden Emotions

We all have them but for many of us we've learned there are certain emotions that are off limits to feel. When we stifle emotions, we shut down our creative energy and limit what's possible for us.

You'll learn a surprising, slightly strange and highly effective technique to you shift your thoughts on a daily basis so that you can reclaim your life.


From Ranting to Raving

A powerful program to help you uncover and release the limiting beliefs that keep you feeling stuck while embracing all of your emotions.

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Free Yourself to Live the Life You Love

In this 6-class program, you will learn highly effective ways to recognize what's holding you back from creating what you want in your life.

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"Tapping with Marti helped me uncover a deep portion of unfinished grief from my sister's death from over a decade ago. Marti was able to guide me into different aspects of the grief which I didn't realize that I was was still carrying with me emotionally and psychologically. The outcome in terms of relief and cleared energy were amazing and profound!"Lynn Rekvig, RN, MBA

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