This Email Should Come With a Warning!

The following should come with a warning.

You’ll likely fall into one of these 4 categories after reading this email:

1) You’re scratching your head, wondering, what IS she talking about?

2) You unsubscribe.

3) You’re curious if this could work for you, still not quite clear what “this” is.

4) You’re thinking “Meh!”

Here’s your basic science lesson first:

Tapping helps you too reduce the stress response by sending signals to your brain by access your body’s energy system. By doing this, the stress or negative emotion you feel about an issue can be reduced which can restore balance to your disrupted energy.

In other words, tapping helps to soften and release the emotional challenges of that very human part of us got programmed with. Our doubts, fears and limitations.

I find, the more we free ourselves from these energy drains, that more we open back up to the truth of who we really are. A person or being filled with possibility and potential.

As we free ourselves emotionally, we begin to rekindle possibilities in our lives.

Another profoundly effective way to free ourselves even more, is the spiritual practice of surrendering, or offering. We practice turning ourselves, our challenges, are frustrations over to whatever we believe is a power greater than ourselves.

Here’s is this process put simply:

~ I use tapping to quell the fears that go along with being a human being with human emotions. Once I’ve tapped, to reduce being yanked around by my emotions, I’m more open to offering a particular challenge to God, the Universe, the Divine, The Dinosaurs. Whatever you want to call it.

I love what one awesome participant said during one of the group calls we just had for the Break Free 2.0 Program we’re about to finish up.

She said, she likes to think about opening up to an “expanded awareness.”


She found a power greater than ourselves to feel more punitive. So find what works for you. I think all of us could be open to the idea of expanded awareness.

So….now what?

What does all of this mean?

This came from a recent post I wrote on Facebook:

“My word. Other than when I first started tapping this offering has and is truly breaking me open in a profound way.

I was telling a friend recently, I seem to cry daily as I continue to offer and learn how this works. Its an ongoing process for sure.

I feel that Ive never been more myself than in this offering. I just speak my truth as if Im speaking to a trusted friend. (Which I know now that I am.)

Theres no eloquence in my words. Just the deep down truth.

What is happening is my constant companions of fear and anxiety are taking much needed vacations and sometimes extended vacations.

Upon their return I offer again and they seem to head back to the beach or the mountains or wherever they go.

It continues to be this slow opening and releasing process for me and Im finding myself trusting more and worrying less. This is beyond profound for me as a former professional doubter and mistrusting monger.

Ive literally had moments of offering where Ive been on my knees as Im breaking open.
What a journey. A journey I
m truly grateful for.

I feel this blanket of ease and peace becoming more available to me.”

Above describes my journey with offering.

If you’re still with me…if you’re still subscribed…

What if it’s possible to worry less and trust more?

What if it’s possible to not have to work so damn hard on ourselves or on our lives?

What if there is a better way?

If you’re even a little more curious, CLICK HERE

Until next time,