Are You Trying Too Hard?

Are you “trying” too hard?

Are you worn out from “trying” to change some or all areas of your life?

I totally get this.

It’s that moment that many of us reach when despite all of our “trying” to change, all the effort we’ve genuinely put into changing…things just stay the same. The REAL shift you’re looking for…keeps eluding you.

Over a decade ago, I became fed up and frustrated with the lack of forward movement in my life. I was watching others seem to do well and be carrying on good lives, yet I was like a deer in headlights that not only froze, but stood there and seem to be saying to myself, “Wow, that’s a really big truck that’s about to hit me…again.”

This may sound dramatic, but it’s how I felt.

In one of my many defeated moments, I just put it out there. It wasn’t done well, or appropriately or the “right” way. It was just me in a moment of giving up, asking for assistance, if there really was such silliness out there.

It sounded something like this:

“Come on now! What’s gonna take. If there’s something that can truly, finally help me change my life, then please send it my way and if not, please just give me peace with my colossally mediocre life. I’m so tired of wanting things I can’t seem to have.”

This led me to EFT Tapping, which led me to ultimate start this business. When I started this business, I was pure passion and enthusiasm, but slowly that started to turn into a form of drudgery.

Why was that? Why was something, that I had such a passion for starting to turn into drudgery for me.

Here’s the thing, once it became “my” job, “my’ business, “my” work, the energy shifted from passion to pressure and pushing. Yuck!

So once I again, I found myself putting it out there…

“Come on now. What’s happening to me? How did I get here? From passion to pushing and pressure? There’s got to be a better way. Please show me.”

I realize that I was letting my ego run the show. I started to get caught up in what I will call “The Coaching World.” Proper marketing. Proper language. On and on. I have nothing against this for the people it works for and with. It’s just not my way. To be honest, I still kinda struggle with the word coach. I like teacher a lot better. Some of you have read a previous email of mine, kinda similar to this. Well this journey continues.

What happened today is…I was working with my business coach on copy for my Break-Free 2.0 Program that I’m launching in early January. The first one was a great session and I went to launch round two back in September and I heard crickets chirping. I literally think I heard them.

There was one amazing lady who was ready to dive in with her daughter so I told her I was postponing and she was amazing about it. I told her that I’m clearly getting the sign that this is not the right timing, so January is when I’m going to do it. She went on to say that she loved the program so much she wants to help me promote it when I’m ready. WOW!!

What’s even more interesting to me, is the people that were in the previous Break-Free Program started to ask me, after the start time came and went, “Weren’t you doing another Break-Free Program?” Without missing a beat, I said yes, only I’m moving it to January. Talk about right timing or just better timing.

If I’d been caught up in the pushing, pressurized world of the ego. The part of me that would judge myself as I must have done something wrong to hear crickets, I would have pushed through and “tried” to make this happen anyway. I would have felt like failure and completely lost touch as to why this business got started in the first place. “To help and serve anyone, whose ever felt stuck to clear their conflicts so they can live a freer life in every way. To release the struggling and pushing in their life.”

I easily made the shift and it felt right. I wasn’t beating myself up, telling myself I must have done something wrong. I didn’t try hard enough or promote hard enough. I truly redirected, trusted that better timing is already chosen and will be made known to me. WHAT A FRIGGIN’ RELIEF!

Since this redirection, I’ve discovered that my business coach is also going to promote this for me. She offered to do a Preview Call with me for this program on December 11th. We booked the date and time in. Now THAT would never have happened had I given into my egos pushing energy and “trying” to make it happen. For a Triple-A personality, I’m really learning the art of letting go, surrendering to better timing and allowing myself to be guided to the best possible outcome. Phew!!!

What is it that you’re “trying” to change?

What if, this thing that you’ve been “trying” so hard to change or create is just waiting for you to let go, even a little. Relax, even a little…and make space for something so much better to come into your conscious awareness.

What if there really is a better way? I more relaxed way. An easier way.

Doesn’t that sound like a relief, even if you don’t believe it yet?

The more I play with this and practice this, the better I feel and the more things are coming to me with a lot more ease.

Now this doesn’t mean that I’m now Miss Chill. I’m not. But…I am learning to become more Miss Chill-like and this feels really good. It feels so much better and makes a lot more sense to me as well.

I’m learning to ease into this more and more.

What if you can find more ease, more relaxation, more inspiration coming to you?

Would that be worth it?

Check out the attached video to learn how to start. (You won’t be pitched. That comes closer to December when I’ll be hosting another Free Preview Call of the Break-Free 2.0 Program.)

Until Next Time,
Marti : )