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Transformational Tapping Certification

Turn-off to Tune-in

You’re going to help your clients learn how to turn-off the learned limited and tune-in to their inner guidance. (Hint-hint: This happens for you as well.)

Would you like to add tapping to your toolkit?

You can become Certified in Tapping!

January 31 – May 30, 2022 (Certification Training Period)

You’re going to learn this, surprising, slightly strange, highly effective energy psychology technique.

Help is available literally at your fingertips!

Bringing this surprising, slight strange, highly effective technique of Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) to people all over the world and making it accessible to them for stress relief and so much more.

During this program you will learn all about tapping and how to use it effectively with clients. This is similar to traditional EFT, yet modified by Marti Murphy’s 10 years of experience.

With Tapping you will be able to offer solid emotional support for people in all different areas of life, such as…

Stress relief, Releasing limiting beliefs around health, business, relationships, money, body concept and more. You will learn how to help others and at the same time help yourself.

What You Will Learn:

This is everything you need to know to decide if this EFT/Tapping Training is for you.

If you opt into this program you will become Certified in Transformational Tapping.

There will be traditional components of EFT taught that will be infused with all of the experience I’ve gained through the 1000’s of sessions, group work and continuing education I’ve done. There’s so much I’ve learned in client sessions that you will learn.

In this program we will be teaching you how to use it for: Stress management, overcoming blocks in your business, relationships, money, and body. How to help yourself and others too.

This Program is for You if:

  • You want to work with clients and help them find relief and have breakthroughs (and yourself wink-wink) using EFT
  • You want to add this to the tool kit in your current practice
  • You want to become Certified in Transformational Tapping
  • You want to build a business using this technique

Who Am I?

I’m Marti Murphy. I’ve been tapping for 10 years and got Certified in EFT through EFT Universe, in 2012. Simultaneously, I was training in NYC with one of the original EFT Experts and was a coach in her coaching program.

For the last 3 years, I’ve written two books and I’ve been doing one to one sessions, hosting group calls, and running the Facebook group Tapping Really Works.

From Desperation to Inspiration and Hope:

Tapping really found me after I put an intention out to find some help. I’m grateful because tapping has helped me to change in ways I never thought possible, back when I was desperate.

Tapping helped me to clear out so much of the unconscious programming I had that was holding me back. My life continues to evolve with Tapping. It’s also rekindle my spiritual life in an entirely new and profound way.

I want to help people awaken to their authentic self in their own unique way and to assist others in doing the same. This program will awaken you to yourself and help you to assist others in doing the same.

What's Included:

9 Modules: online delivered to you biweekly

2 Live Q&A group calls per month (one 60 minute call per module)

9 Expert interviews – prerecorded

Private forum for additional group and community support

Tapping buddies: you will partner up with a buddy or buddies to practice and learn together

9 pre-recorded calls, one per expert

“Additional subscriptions” to pre-recorded group programs. These are to help you for yourself and to help you hear me running group calls. From when I first started through present day.

Group Mentoring is included in this program. 12 months of Mentoring that will start when the certification ends.

Meet The Experts:

The knowledge and experience of these industry leaders will springboard you into business success.

Dr. Nadia Brown

The Doyenne Agency
Sales | Leadership | Speaking

Angella Johnson

Soul Vision Business
Intuitive Marketing Genius

Alycia Huston

Alycia Huston Coaching and Consulting
The NeuroLeadership of Equity, Inclusivity and Belonging

Anne Presuel

Divinely Intuitive Business
Your 6th Sense Guide to a 6-Figure Business

Jeannine Rivers-Colburn

Illuminate Your Dreams
Illuminating Courageous Women

Natalie Hill

Online Course Creation Master

Meenakshi Ramesh

Building Emotional Resilience

Lori Kirstein

Goodbye Good Girl Project, LLC.
Helping Women Break the Rules

Christy Foster

BodyMind Integration Therapist
Psychosomatic Teacher

The Expert interviews will be available immediately along with the pre-recorded Q & A calls.

What You Will Learn:

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Module One

Getting Started

January 31, 2022

  • What is EFT – The History and Present Day
  • How EFT Works – The Science Behind Tapping
  • 3 Stages of Tapping
  • Choosing a Target
  • SUDS Scale (Subjective Units of Distress)
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Module Two

Tapping Techniques

February 14, 2022

  • The Basic Recipe
  • Borrowing Benefits
  • Tell the Story Technique
  • The Movie Technique
  • FU Tapping (Rant Tapping)
  • Argue Tapping
  • About Vows
  • The Power of “What if” Tapping
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Module Three

EFT Basics

February 28, 2022

  • How to Find Core Issues
  • When to Be General vs. Specific
  • Forbidden Emotions
  • Trauma Capsule and Self-Regulating
  • The Generalization Effect
  • Aspects
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Module Four

Who's Running the Show

March 14, 2022

  • Parts of the Self –
    • The Bully in Your Brain
    • The Wounded Child
    • The Healthy Self/The Authentic Self
  • Feeling Fully
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Module Five

In Session

March 28, 2022

  • Starting, Structuring and Closing the Session
  • What to Say When You Tap
  • Transitioning Beliefs
  • Mindfulness Techniques – Simple and Effective
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Module Six

Working with Clients

April 11, 2022

  • Know Your Limits/What You Can and Cannot Work with
  • How to Set Clients Up for Success – The Perfect Combination
  • How to Create and Hold a Safe Space for Others
  • Bumping Up Against Your Own Resistance as a Practitioner
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Module Seven

When Tapping doesn't Seem to be Working

April 25, 2022

  • Reasons Tapping Won’t Work
  • Psychological Reversal
  • The Power of Spiritual Surrender (When Appropriate)
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Module Eight

It's All About You

May 9, 2022

  • Knowing When You’re Triggered in a Session and How to Deal with That
  • Stay Tuned up – Your Personal Emotional Maintenance
  • Self Care Basic – The Little Daily Inserts of Self-Care
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Module Nine

Business Basics

May 23, 2022

  • Setting Up a Simple Yet Effective System for Your Business
  • Nurturing Potential Clients
  • Drop the Goal Setting
  • Allowing the Business to be Created
  • To Niche or Not to Niche
  • Choosing Additional Coaching if Needed

Two Payment Options

Pay Now $2497

Pay in Full (Included in this price is 1 full year of mentoring that starts when the course work ends.)

Pay Now $229

$229 monthly for 12 months ($2748) This will be set-up on autopay

Lifetime access to content.

After following Marti in her Tapping Really Works group for what seems like forever, when she announced plans for the Transformational Tapping Certification course, I decided this was a gift I was going to give myself.

I’ve been Tapping for years but despite taking several courses, I never felt like I had the whole picture. My goal with this program was simply to fill in the missing gaps in my previous training and learn the tools needed to “fix myself”. However, somewhere along the way I found myself believing that I actually had something to offer the world and now think I may start sharing what I’ve learned with others.

The training was so much more in-depth than anything I’d previously experienced, hitting on topics like forbidden emotions, quieting the bully in the brain, and nurturing the wounded child. This was just what I was hoping to learn – the techniques that would get me to the root cause of my limiting beliefs and personal struggles.

The course was so much more than I expected – and then some. I can’t recommend this program highly enough to those wanting to get a real understanding of how Tapping can transform lives. This was the best gift I could have ever given myself.

Barbara Paine

If you are contemplating taking the Transformational Tapping Certification course, as a current graduate, my advice to you is an astounding “Yes, take it.”

You are easily able to use this course for personal use, in the work setting or private practice. There really is something for every walk of life in this program.

Marti really has the capability to help change lives in a powerful way and you really see that in this course. She uses her vast knowledge to help guide you to find your truths in a very safe atmosphere, where we share our deepest thoughts, concerns and feeling without judgment. That is a big deal. She even uses her own personal examples pertaining to her life.

Marti really has a refreshing style of her own. You really feel how compassion she is about wanting you to succeed. That is where the wonderful bi-weekly live Zoom meetings come in. It is a great way to ask questions live and get answers right the spot. You’re never left to try to figure things out on your own. She gives and provides helpful insight in an easy to understand way.

If you want something uplifting, educational, engaging and motivating give this a try!

Cassandra Toppi

This course is definitely 5 stars from me! I’ve been certified in tapping for 4 years by two other instructors. I never did anything with my certification because I felt as though I didn’t quite grasp what I was taught!

I’ve been in Marti’s FB tapping group for a while now and have always loved her way of tapping. Fast forward to when she announced she was doing a certification program. I jumped at the chance.

This course is filled with the how to’s and the science behind EFT Tapping. Marti is the one instructor that I’ve had that genuinely wants you to succeed. She teaches a few methods of tapping that have personally been life changing! This course also has some pretty amazing guest coaches as well to help you in your journey of setting up a business, if that is what you choose to do. I would and will highly recommend this course to anyone and everyone who is interested in learning about EFT Tapping.

Christine L.