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I discovered Tapping out of desperation to finally experience lasting change. I had been stuck in a seeking and never finding cycle. It was a never ending cycle of dissatisfaction and quite frankly it sucked.

I asked for help and help came in the form of tapping. I just wanted to help myself until I realized I wanted to help others find the help they were seeking and so the journey began.

Over a decade later what follows is a culmination of everything I’ve learned over the years that I’ve found to be profoundly helpful. I hope you find at least something you’ve been seeking here.

I love this work because I know how tremendously stuck and even tormented by my own thoughts I’ve felt. It might sound strong to say that I’ve been tormented by my thought in my life, but if you could crawl inside my head, you see what I mean. When I started this work, I did so because I wanted to assist anyone who was looking for help getting unstuck in their life find a better way. That’s turned out to be very true in this work for me. It’s been extremely rewarding to help people find more peace, help and healing in their lives. I know how good it feels to find assistance when needed and I wanted to provide this safe and judgment free space for people to heal.

Now I’m taking it a step further with the Transformational Tapping Certification where I teach people traditional things I learned in in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Tapping and everything I’ve learned personally in the 1000’s of sessions I’ve done with clients. So now… my mission to help aspiring coaches, new coaches, long-time coaches, therapists and really anyone who wants to learn a surprising, highly effective technique to have in their tool box to help others.

I believe as we change ourselves we do our part to help facilitate changes in the world. And that’s a mission that’s I can get behind 100%.

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