What is EFT?

The Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as EFT and Meridian Tapping, was developed by Gary Craig during the 1990’s. It melds acupuncture, kinesiology and modern day psychology. It is a growing modality in the Energy Psychology Field, designed to assist people in their personal development and it can be effective in reducing stress, behavior development, resolving personal issues, improved attitude and general well-being. It is easy to apply and non-invasive.

According to Gary Craig, “All negative emotions are a disruption in the body’s energy system.” The practice of EFT consists of tapping on designated meridian points on the face and body while stating a targeted issue. The idea is that we carry negatives emotions within our energy system that have developed over time and these create blocks within us that can limit us from achieving and living at a fuller capacity. By tapping we assist in rebalancing our energy system, release negative emotions and create more receptivity to positive affirming statements. This can leave us with a feeling of general well-being and thus allow us to live more effectively. Through this process we put distance between our traumatic experiences and the emotional charge attached to a particular memory or trauma. By alleviating this emotional charge, we free ourselves to think more clearly which allows for more effective life experiences.

EFT can be effective in dealing with a wide variety of issues such as fear, anxiety, phobias, cravings, addictions, financial pressures, confusion, overwhelm, procrastination, headaches, aggravation and more. The practice of EFT allows us to create more effective relationships and gives us a tool to utilize when various stresses and issues come up.

EFT is NOT a substitute for comprehensive psychological counseling, medical diagnosis and thus treatment by a licensed Psychiatrist, Psychologist or Medical Doctor.

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