About Marti

Hi, I’m Marti Murphy and what I’m about to share with you is to help you see it’s never too late.

I’ve been a coach and tapping facilitator for over 10 years and have worked with hundreds/thousands of people around the world.

But it didn’t start this way.

I was living a colossal mediocre life… I was in corporate America wondering if this is as good as it got and due mismanaged investments, my husband and I found ourselves in over $200,000 in just credit card debt alone.

For an entire year, I would wake up in the middle of the night with total panic. I’d be overwhelmed with dread and meanwhile I was using all of the tools I had (vision boards, positive affirmations, telling my story to myself the way I wanted it to be, yet NOTHING was changing.

I hit my wall and what do we do when we are brought to our knees in desperation and dread?

I prayed.

I pleaded to either show me how to change my life or give me peace with what my life had turned into because it wasn’t going to get any better.

Two weeks later I discovered tapping and since then, everything in my life has changed.

And I mean every. single. thing.

Am I perfect? Have I arrived?

No and no. I’m still changing.

Tearing Up Vision Boards and About Writing Books

(and how to stop using the Law of Attraction against yourself)

The first book I wrote, Forbidden Emotions – The Key to Healing, came to me over a decade ago. Yet, I didn’t take any action on it for close to nine years. During that time, I told myself all kinds of silly things like,

“I must be blocking this.”
“I must not really want this.”
And lots of other judgmental things.

I remember reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert where she says ideas come but they move onto someone else if you don’t act on them. I felt bad about myself when I read that.

But then it came to me:
“It really doesn’t matter how long it takes me to write this book; no one is going to write this book the way I will.”

That thought brought me more peace.

However, this process showed me how I was using the Law of Attraction to beat myself up.

When something didn’t work out, I would have a thought, like:

“I must have attracted this sucky circumstance.”
“I must not have tapped enough or prayed enough, or anything enough and that’s why this is showing up in my life.”
“Oh my business isn’t working because I don’t have what it takes.”
“My relationships suck because I haven’t cleared out the thing that’s in my way.”
“My health is challenging because I’m doing something wrong, once again.”
“My money sucks, because I’m not focusing on my vision board enough.”

It wasn’t until a friend said to me, “Marti, I think you use the Law of Attraction like the Catholicism you grew up in… to beat yourself up.”

Whoa!!! At first I had some resistance. I first thought, “Well, the Law of Attraction is true.”

Whether it is or it isn’t, I can’t believe for one minute that we’re meant to walk around blaming, judging and causing ourselves more emotional harm.

One of the best days of my life, was the day I tore up my vision board. It had actually become my prison board, because every time I looked at it, I was beating myself up because not much of anything had come true for me, which really sucked.

My Mission and How I Help People

It’s my mission to help debunk the pithy personal development tools that I, along with so many people I see, used to torture myself with.

As an Emotional Fitness Coach, I help people who feel lost, stuck or down on themselves so they can see themselves differently and live in a new way.

Here’s how I do that (and a little bit of my resume):

  • One of only six Certified “Master Yes Code™” Coaches in the world, which helped people to clear their inner conflicts so they are free to move forward with out self-sabotaging. (I like to call it subconscious self-protecting.)
  • I got certified in EFT through EFT Universe back in 2012.
  • Certified JAMP (Jungian Advanced Motor Processing) created my Dr. Lahab Al-Samarrai. This, like tapping, is a groundbreaking technique for healing painful memories and transforming limiting patterns and imprints in body, mind and spirit.
  • I’ve always been fascinated by techniques and healing methods that address trauma and painful events stored in our cellular memory. Studying psychosomatics has helped me to develop an even deeper insight in how our body reflects everything we’ve experienced throughout the years.
  • My signature ingredient in the tapping I teach and use with clients is my “What-If tapping,” which helps to bridge the brain to believing what’s possible.

I’m the author of two books… so far. (But you know this already.)

365 Days to Embracing Forbidden Emotions – A Daily Guide to Peace and Fulfillment

Forbidden Emotions – The Key to Healing

Wait, I’m starting to bore myself.

What you really need to know if that I felt really stuck and debilitated in my life and tapping provided the way through all the muck.

And my desire is to help you too.

How I Help People

What If:

I like to offer group programs as it makes it affordable to work in a group and you get the consistency of tapping for yourself. You also receive the “borrowing benefits” of working in a group. This means that as you tap along with others on their issues and tune into your own, you benefit from this and clear out your limiting beliefs as well. I find when we’re open to it, there’s always something to learn in a group.

Transformational Tapping Certification:

Because Tapping has helped me so much I want to help the helpers so we can change the lives of the people who are changing the world.

Pop-Up Classes:

I host a variety of classes when I’m inspired to teach on a certain topic. Classes are always announced to my email list, which you can join here.

On a Personal Note

I’m an animal lover extraordinaire. This has been in my being since I was child. I have 3 dogs and 3 cats and right now 7 wild horses that come around our home looking for a meal. I rescue moths and other flying creatures when I see them in a pool of water.

I like to hike, mountain bike, and share community with others. We do AirBNB from our home and I told my sister, I’m born to do this. I love meeting new people and I love the community it brings. I’ve met the most amazing people through AirBNB and RV Share and it just adds to my life.

I have two daughters, that I love spending time with. I live with my husband in a village called Placitas, New Mexico where there are over 200 wild horses that roam. It’s really magical to see them around. They add a lot of joy to my life.

I’m an avid learning. I’m a Gemini for God’s sake so my love of learning comes naturally. I love movies and I even wrote a screenplay a while ago and was a runner up in a screenwriting contest. I love how movies can teach us a lot about life. I have friends I connect with regularly and I love the outdoors. I think that gives you an idea about me personally.

All of this said, I’m happy you’re here I hope you find the content here helpful to you on your journey. That is my desire.