Working with Marti has totally reversed my life. Gone negativity, feeling unsafe, and critical me! I now experience so much joy, love and acceptance of myself and of others. Marti is always nonjudgmental, positive, compassionate, and willing to share her humanness. I truly love her.

Lynn Geller

Not everyone can be a teacher and a healer. To have a high level of education, experience and wisdom is fabulous; but a person, who has the ability to share their knowledge, with the kindness and clarity, has put Marti in a class of excellence.

Marti has guided me to uncover what blocks my success in several areas of my life. With her guidance, I was able to recognize where I could improve myself; by giving me direction, balance and peace. Even more exciting, she has provided me with the skills to continue to grow independently.

Now with Marti’s new class, Falling Forward Faster, I am excited it see how much more my life will improve. I appreciate the different perspective of failing, and how it can guide you to new opportunities, and clarify who you really want to be! What a breath of fresh air!

Not only do I respect Marti’s work, but I respect her dedication to continuing her own growth and education. I am so excited to see how she will continue to impart her wisdom on the world!

Joanne K

Marti has done tapping work for me on several occasions, both in person and over the phone. She is profoundly adept at caringly making a safe space within which to go deep and explore what sticking points and old energy is interfering with manifesting with being in natural ease.

She helped me see and release several areas in which I was trying to manifest with my ego and simply banging my head against the wall over and over. I actually hadn’t known one of these was in there until Marti found it and it’s a huge one affecting my business now.

I especially loved ending the session knowing how I can continue to tap on these areas going forward to foster ongoing updating all the way through to my cells.

Marti’s tapping style is both compassionate and honest as she opens the issue while reminding you this isn’t your fault.

I am so grateful for her work and her light into the world!

Ron Carlson

Hello, dear friends,

To anyone considering a session with Marti Murphy, I had one yesterday and it was phenomenal! I highly recommend her.

C. Johnson

The EFT sessions with Marti have been an amazing transformative, empowering and life-changing experience. Within a short period of time my health (I have been very ill for over twelve years) has significantly improved, but it actually feels like healing took place at many levels at the same time and I have been reconnected to my true Self. Every day I wake up with a deep feeling of happiness and the joy to be alive that I haven’t felt in many years.

Roos van der Blom, Amsterdam

I consider myself an authentic person and I’m an experienced EFT coach myself. Sometimes however, it is not always easy to uncover my own blocks. I felt so aligned with Marti and her style of coaching. The biggest gift for me personally was her support, and reinforcement to allow ALL of my own feelings in a safe way. She is a skilled and encouraging coach and her programs are FULL of value!


This past Thursday. I ran into what you would call sticky situation… I was inside a driving range and hear a girl crying and screaming in the back of the parking lot. I don’t usually like to getting in the middle of couples ar-gument, but I felt something was wrong and empowered to go and do the right thing.

Anyway, she was glad that I came by to check on her, but according to her her boy friend was angry and got violent in the car just before they parked.

She said he struggle from PTSD.

Anyway, it was scary because I noticed he was wearing a military shirt and hat… and I didn’t know how he would respond.

But, he came by and apologized for their behavior.

I told him that I just want to make sure they both were ok. Anyway, I think they worked out afterwards… she called her mother and got picked up later.

Thats a tough one… anyway I figure I share here.


I notice my thoughts changing from a ‘how can I make them happy’ to ‘what is best for me’ in my relationships. Granted, most of the time I’m still figuring out what would be best for me, but it’s a step further than assuming the responsibility of the other person’s happiness in every relationship.

Sabrina, 21 Days to Creating Harmonious Relationships

I definitely feel a lot lighter and calmer after all the inner work we have been doing these past few weeks. I receive tiny bits of inspiration and hope that things can improve and it can get better with time. When there is a conflict, I will remember to do argue tapping.

Meenakshi, 21 Days to Creating Harmonious Relationships

After we did the argue tapping today, I moved on with my day’s activities. In the afternoon, I got this insight that all the people that I had taken care of in my life putting their needs first and not taking care of myself – all of them are my greatest teachers. I learned something from all of them. I also realized that they are a mirror (something you have been teaching in the calls) to my own thoughts and actions. So, I don’t have to feel guilty for not taking care of myself first!). Thank you once again for the argue tapping.

Meenakshi, 21 Days to Creating Harmonious Relationships