Category: From Ranting to Raving

The Downside of Personal Development Programs

Join Marti Murphy for a powerful interview with Certified Life Coach, Sharon Ellert. Marti and Sharon are going to talk about how trying to manifest what we want, along with many of the Self Development programs, and much of the teachings of the Law of Attraction, are actually creating a pandemic of separation and dis-empowerment. Sharon Ellert is a Certified… Read more »

Release What’s Weighing You Down

Are you tired of feeling obsessed with food and what you can and cannot eat? Are you tired of restricting yourself and never feeling free around food? Are you tired of losing weight only to gain is back and then some…. yet again? Are you tired of judging the hell out of yourself for the way you look or what… Read more »

Be Embodied. Be visible. Be You with Michelle Vos

Are you ready to do business differently? Join Marti Murphy for a captivating conversation with Visibility Expert Michelle Vos. Are you looking to Up Level personally and professional by having a Clear and Aligned Vision, Communicate your Embodied Value, and Connecting thru Authentic Visibility? Yes? When you choose to BE embodied, visible and fully show up, you: -have True Connection… Read more »

Bridging Two Worlds – De-Mystifying Mediumship with Mikki Bazuto-Green

Join host Marti Murphy for an uplifting and clarifying interview with Mikki Bazurto-Green to de-mystify what mediumship really is. The difference between mediumship and channeling and how to find these within yourself. Mikki Bazurto-Greene is a globally-recognized medium, medical intuitive and spiritual advisor to people who want a Life in Flow. As a medium, her work in delivering messages of… Read more »

Is Self-Judgment Impeding Your Progress?

If you’ve tapped on something many times and you feel stuck, it could be that self-judgment is impeding your progress. What if self-judgment is keeping you from breakthrough? Marti Murphy’s greatest passion is to awaken people to their hidden power to liberate their life and help them move from a state of survival to a state of inner freedom and… Read more »

Being Redirected in Life – The Art of Surrendering

What if instead of not being able to manifest what you want, when you’re trying to, you’re actually being redirected to something better? What if that’s possible? What if by learning to surrendering, you open yourself up to amazing new possibility? What if learning to release what you think is best, is a way to allow what is calling you… Read more »

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