We Should Start Referring to Age as Levels…

“…so when you’re level 80 it sounds more badass than just being an old person” Rebel Circus

OH MY GAWD!! I love this quote.

We live in a culture, especially here in the United States, that doesn’t promote the wisdom and beauty of aging. In our young obsessed culture, aging is often judged as bad.

This often ends up creating fear, anxiety and tons of stress around aging.

It often sounds like this…

It’s too late for me to start that.

I should have started saving for retirement a long time ago.

I can’t do that. I’m too old.

That ship has sailed.

So on and so forth…down the rabbit hole we go to into the potent abyss of fear, anxiety and overwhelm.

We can’t help but feel this way, if we believe we’re ill-prepared for the aging process around our health, money and relationships and ultimately our worth as we age. Instead of being encouraged to see that ourselves as gaining wisdom, grace and beauty we’ve been programmed to believe our value diminishes with age therefore it’s too late for us.

What if it’s not?

What if it’s not too late at all?

What if the rest of our life can be the best of our life?

What if as we release the limiting thought forms that we’re programmed to believe, amazing possibilities start to open up for us?

This is actually possible.  As we release the stress response around the thoughts that limit us, we actually become physiologically open to allow more uplifting and encouraging thought forms to take root. This opens us up to seeing possibilities that were previously blocked from our psyche and thus our actual physical experience.

If you find that your thoughts around aging are dragging you down into a spiral that I call circling the drain with your thoughts, I invite to consider that there is another possibility that’s infinitely more hopeful and uplifting.

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Here’s to Awakening to What’s Possible,