It’s not because you’re doing anything wrong.
It’s not because your chakra’s aren’t aligned properly.
It’s not because you’re not able to “manifest” your desires.

What if…it’s because something much better is being lined up for you?

What if you can start to release the self punishment that constantly tells you it’s your fault that you don’t have what you want.

(Stick a fork in me, I’m so done with this kind of belief system that just creates more self-judgment and lowers our self-worth.)

Science shows that being hard on ourselves is actually counterproductive to our ability to change, so how could things change if you learned to judge yourself less and accept yourself more. Especially the part of you you've learned to reject the most?

What if you do this without working harder, without beating yourself up, and without getting lost in all of the manifesting world of “just get your vibration right?”

Most language about manifesting and creating change, either comes from:

  1. People giving you the very linear steps that encourage you to work really hard in order to create.
  2. Or folks in the manifesting culture that tell you if you just get your vibration right, then you’ll manifest miracles in a matter of minutes.

What if you can shift into believing that your “work” is to feel better about yourself?

What if just little daily adjustments can help you to realize positive lasting change?

What if creating change in a supportive and authentic community is easier than muscling through it by yourself? (pssst, it is!)

Welcome to the What-If community where we create change in all the big life categories: Money, Health, Relationships, Body + the individual specific topics that YOU want to change, too.

This What-If community is designed to:

Give you the space to show up exactly as you are with no judgement and support you to change your life.

Help you to focus on those things you just can’t quite seem to get a handle on so you can get to the root of what’s going on and change it. (Instead of judging yourself and thinking you have to work harder or work on your mindset.)

Provide real life practice to actually do this, rather than do it on your own. We are stronger together and we can change more when we are in community.

Give you the "Borrowed Benefits" within the group because as you focus on your issues while tapping along with someone else on their issues, you get the borrowed benefits from the group.

Additionally, you will:

  • Explore why you aren’t doing the things you say you want to and you’ll come to have a deeper understanding and more self compassion for the hidden beliefs as to “why” you’re not able to move forward.
  • Begin to notice the “little daily wins” that let you know you’re shifting from the inside out.
  • Build momentum to believing positive change is possible.
  • Change the way your brain sees what’s possible. You’ll understand how your brain fires so you can change the root of what you believe.
  • Integrate long-term change and really stick with it.
  • Learn how to let go of old patterns and embrace new ways of seeing how your life can unfold.
  • Recognize how you’re finally slowing the negative momentum you’ve got going on the things you want to change and improve.
  • Recognize how to feel new possibilities opening up to you, without ‘trying’ to manifest anything.

Welcome to the playground for how to see your "negative" thinking in an entirely new way.

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Here’s what you’ll get:

Biweekly, 60-minute calls where we will tap together and receive laser coaching on what’s showing up for you. You will learn how to reframe what isn’t working into statements that you can believe.

Private Facebook Community for you to ask questions, get connected with a What-If buddy if you want one, and more.

All of this for $27 a month. (If you find out this group is not for you, you can cancel at the end of any month you’ve paid for.)

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Here's what this community is NOT:

  • This is not manifesting culture. In fact, you’ll be supported in detoxing from the spiritual bypassing and toxic positivity that comes from the stereotypical manifesting world, which often blames you and your “vibration” for anything and everything that’s happening in your life.
  • A competition of who’s manifesting more.
  • A place to beat yourself up because you’re human and things aren’t perfect.
  • You will never hear me saying things like…
    “Just do it”
    “Get out of your own way and figure it out.”
    “Put your big girl or big boy pants on.”

Where’s my eyeball rolling emoji when I need it. Oh wait! Here it is:

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You can cancel at anytime. Since you’re paying monthly, we recommend you cancel after the last call for the month you’re in, as there are no pro-rated refunds for each month.

Changing the biology behind limiting beliefs takes time. In our fast-paced, make it happen world it’s easy to lose sight of this. It’s also easy to judge yourself and tell yourself there’s something wrong with you. This is something we can work through to help you release the fear around things won’t change.

It’s important to remember this is truly a journey we are on throughout our lives, thus the 12 months. This amount of time allows some solid momentum to build. Tapping and using What If statements in this new and empowering way has a cumulative effect so the support of this group can really help to build this momentum. It also gives us time to go deeper and uncover, what’s behind the potential fear of change.

10 minutes a day is a great start. You will likely find that you want to do more as you start to gain momentum. The key is to keep is simple and manageable, because by doing so, you’re more likely to stick with it and see the positive lasting change over time. You’ll be instructed on how to notice the little wins which is an empowering way to build positive lasting change.

I’ll answer this, this way. Yes, I believe we can change long held limiting beliefs that keep us stuck in a cycle of what feels like failing. AND it’s important to begin to entertain a greater possibility that if something isn’t changing for us, it could be because it’s not meant to change. You might be thinking “What”, but what if this thing that you’ve suffered and struggled over is the very thing that a powerful force of love is using to bring you back to a deeper and more meaningful connection with your authentic self. What if this force of love is using this to help you evolve in this way? And finally, what if as you release the self-judgement that’s often attached to something not changing for you, what if this creates the space for something far more amazing to come into being for you.