Forbidden Emotions – Your Hidden Power

Rage, Anger, Revenge, Fear, Despair, Shame, Guilt, Jealousy, Insecurity, Unworthiness, Discouragement are often, consciously and unconsciously considered off limits….forbidden. You get the message you should steer clear of them. You end up denying them as if they don’t exist, but the problem is, they do exist and denying them only causes them to have more of a grip on you.

Years ago, when I was struggling with an eating disorder and I had stopped practicing my emotional eating, I experienced rage. It was so potent at times and I had no idea how to manage it, so I took a baseball bat to my mattress and plunged into pounding away. (I don’t recommend this, because I torqued my neck on more than one occasion.)

If anyone had witnessed me, I suspect they would have done their best to run as fast as they could in the opposite direction.

One time, when I was expressing to someone how I had a lot of anger surfacing, they told me that I should never indulge in justified anger. I think my jaw dropped open. This was someone in recovery.

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What had me emotionally eating all the time was that I hadn’t been feeling enough. I had stuffed more feelings than a toy factory stuffs stuffed animals.The other challenge I had was how to allow for my feelings and not become overwhelmed by them.

I’ve learned a highly effective way to deal ANY emotion we have. I’ve heard it said that a feeling takes 90 seconds to move through us. I’ll edit this to say, that, unencumbered, a feeling take 90 seconds to move through us.

Rant Tapping is an EFT technique that does wonders to help remove painful emotions rather quickly. The way I utilize it, is I have my clients put all appropriateness aside and say whatever it is they’d really love to say, no holes barred, but the requirement is they have to tap while doing so. This is something that do with me. No one gets hurt. They aren’t walking up the person they’re upset with and telling them off. They do it in a safe environment while I facilitate. It’s amazing how liberating they find this. There’s healing power in be able to say exactly what you want to say and tap through it.

To assist you in getting started, I’ve put together 3 different tapping scripts on what I consider our more potent forbidden emotions. My intention is to give you hope that there’s a way through the emotions that can be debilitating for you, so that you can come out the other side feeling lighter, freer and more hopeful about yourself and your future.

Disclaimer: Before you get started, please take responsibility for yourself and get the help you need. Contact your therapist or medical doctor if you are under their care. When practicing EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) strong emotions can surface and so please keep tapping until the feelings subside.