My Personal Experience with EFT

I spent years studying what I’ll call, “Positive Thinking.” If there was a book on the subject, I read it. I drove around with index cards filled with affirmations and I’d recite them aloud. I made vision boards, posted affirmations in my shower, kitchen and throughout my house. I listened to CD’s over and over again that contained what I felt was vital information to aid me in my transformation to a better life. I watched DVD’s over and over again, all in an effort to fill my head with as much positive, self-empowering information as I could, in the hopes of putting so much positive data into my brain that it would squish out the negative, self-defeating, self-limiting thoughts. To no avail, I continued to live a life that felt sub-par to me on many levels.

I could write Gratitude lists ad infinitum and still I’d wake up and find myself on the same treadmill, virtually living true to Thoreau’s statement, “Most men live lives of quiet desperation.”  I was living a life of quiet and sometimes not so quiet desperation. My silent mantra was, “What’s wrong with me?” How, despite my best efforts, did I always come up short and nothing really changed for me despite a sincere desire to change?

Along comes Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as EFT. Did I finally have the key to the city bestowed on my doorstep? It appeared to be so. I couldn’t believe the changes I felt so immediately. Now a new mantra took over. “No how, no way.” This couldn’t be so. My skepticism was alive and kicking, but even it seemed to be fading away the more I “tapped” which was daily and sometimes many times a day.

All the hopelessness that had become my constant companion and the background music to my life was beginning to lift and seemed to be fading away as well. I must have pinched myself a hundred times, because I noticed those good feelings that were creeping into my psyche. Could it be that I was starting to believe my positive thoughts and better still starting to disbelieve the negative self talk that haunted me for years? I was beginning to doubt my doubt. My quiet desperation was being replaced with better, not so desperate thoughts.

How was it possible that this “tapping” was changing me? I knew nothing about the science behind it, nor did I care. I cared solely about the results I was seeing in my life. I have been a firm believer ever since. If EFT had groupies, I was officially indoctrinating myself into this new and improved exclusive group while being happy to relinquish my membership to the “Quietly Desperate Club.” I was turning in my membership along with my self-recriminating countenance.

My personal results tell me that “tapping” works. My life is headed in the direction I desire which I believe is largely due to the fact that I have a tool that assists in making my journey easier to manage. The challenges are still there, but the difference is, I no longer let them take me out. I seem to be able to rise above them and overcome the negativity that creeps in and wants to take me out. The emotional journey now has a new constant companion that is all about possibilities.

As an EFT practitioner, I desire to assist my clients in overcoming their own personal dilemmas so they can begin to embrace lost dreams and desires and rekindle their life’s spark to create the life they have longed for but maybe gave up on. I hope you join me on this journey to your best life.