I evaluate more before I rush to help fix things.

I ask myself if I am expecting more of this person than they are capable of giving or if I am triggering survival tactics in them (and we all have some weird ones).

I ask myself, “Does this person really need/want my help”?, “Does this person see my help as nurturing or control (if control, it’s easier for me to stay away).

I differentiate better between principals (to stand on) and preferences (to let go).

I give things some time to calm down rather than chasing my husband insisting on resolving a minor problem that can’t be resolved when we are both triggered.

Leny, 21 Days to Creating Harmonious Relationships

Some people might think that rant tapping is the same thing as having a bitch session with your best guy or girl friend, but I found it to be much more than that. First of all, there’s the tapping part. I don’t know about you but I’ve never been tapping on meridian points while drinking my latte at the local Starbucks, (one of my favorite places to conduct a bitch session). Tapping on certain points in the body while we are in our agitated, anxious, sad, angry, etc. place helps to calm things down in the body and in our mind. From this more balanced place we can see things from a new perspective, maybe even see another issue behind what we thought was the real issue, or help us make a more informed decision. Marti told me more than once, “You can’t make a good decision when you’re in a bad place”. And that is so true! Another thing that happened with me in doing rant sessions with Marti is that I spoke truths that had never before been consciously recognized and definitely never spoken of. I begin to hear and honor ME! Sometimes these truths would just spill out during my ranting and sometimes I know it was the expert guidance and intuition of Marti that allowed me to arrive at my truth, or what needed to be looked at. One think I fault many therapist on is that they dig up our past and then kind of leave us there sulking in a bitter heap. This is not what happens with rant tapping. We aren’t just digging up our stuff so we can be the victim, or make everyone else wrong. We bring it up, look it squarely in the face, and then with Marti’s guidance we can begin the process of letting it go so that we can make room for, and invite in, more of the positive things we do want in our life. This is why often times a tapping session ends with affirmative tapping, tapping in what we want to have or create in our lives. Our mind would maybe not have accepted this positive possibility prior to the rant tapping. But the process opens us up, creates new awareness in us (new truths), and also begins the building of new neuro pathways in the brain. These new neuro pathways are not the congested, deep, muddy ruts that keep us tormented and stuck; but they are the smooth, newly-paved, less congested freeways that take us where we want to go with much greater ease and MUCH greater joy. My experience with this process was that while there were times where I was drained after a rant session, I also felt cleansed, at peace, and very hopeful. Who doesn’t want more of that!

Jaryn Nelson for Private Sessions with Marti

I’m so excited because I just quit my full-time job so I can focus on my passion of becoming a coach, author and speaker. Marti Murphy was and still is instrumental in showing me how to make the leap. Her compassionate coaching style coupled with her own experience of making the leap helped me tremendously in navigating through the uncertainties and fears. One of the things I now know to be true is that everyone has them, even the most successful of people. They just learn how to deal with them instead of letting them stop them. Marti helped me do exactly that. I am so thrilled about all the possibilities in my future now. Thanks Marti! You’re a gem.

Irene Jorgensen for Private Sessions with Marti

A very interesting “coincidence” happened this afternoon after our session this a.m. about money. At 4pm, I went in to a planned meeting, where I do the hospice massage.

I will be going from 2 massages a week to 15-17, for starters. That will be a nice turn around.

Additionally, they are giving me an entire facility to cover, so I will take whatever patients are living there currently & anyone new that comes in to that home. I will also have any new patients that come in to my new territory, which will be the 5 towns surrounding where I live, as well as anything east of me. That is going to add up to a lot of work. That is a HUGE new offering.

At the pedi-palliative care they want me to take that new position with kids, as well. So I am going to have my hands full & I just can’t believe another wonderful miracle landing on my lap. For me this is the coolest job. I think I was born to help people transition & I love that I get to blend my spirituality with my love for massage & being fully present for people when they really need me. I am beyond thrilled!

How does that happen? It’s wild! We just tapped on my issues with money this morning & this afternoon everything turned around. It is like magic! So I still don’t have money to pay my mortgage today & it’s going to take a little bit to catch up on things, but the money has arrived! Voila!

So a big thank you for helping me along in this process, you Marti, are like a heat seeking missile, you just go in to target the crux of the matter and BAM! My troubles crumble almost effortlessly. You are a miracle worker, I am so glad I found you!

With much gratitude,

N. T. For Private Sessions with Marti

I am really getting a lot out of this course. It’s really eye opening and I find myself using tapping so much throughout the day in things that I didn’t ever intend to tap on. I’m noticing little things improving in my rela-tionships too.


If you didn’t stay on the call to hear Marti Murphy tap with a few people, including Anne, then run don’t walk to the replay. Holy Moses. I’ve been tapping since 1999, even had several trainings with Gary Craig himself, and Marti is one of the best EFT practitioners I’ve ever seen. She has a special to work with her privately too, and I’m taking her up on that!

Linda J. Wells