The Empowered Relationships Tapping Club

Overcoming Your Negative Mind Frick - Create Empowered Relationships with your Loved ones, Your Money, Your Career/Business

  • Do you find yourself frustrated in some of your relationships?
  • Do you find yourself wondering "What's wrong with them? What's wrong with me? Why can't it get better?"
  • Do you compare your relationships with others (especially if you're looking on Facebook) and think, "They look so happy.")?
  • Do you want to go deeper, get closer, and get more connected?
  • Do you want something more in relationships, but get stressed and discouraged trying to figure out how?
  • Do you want more ease and joy in your relationships?
  • Do you secretly feel a bit hopeless?

Boy do I get it. Changing how I show up in relationships was challenging (to say the least)... But once I discovered the secret, it got a whole lot easier.

I'd been playing the blame game for decades. I felt extremely victimized in a number of my relationships. In my intimate relationships, in some work relationships and in some family and friend relationships.

Of course I felt this way, this is what I learned. We're actually trained to be highly dependent in relationships. We're trained to only look outside of ourselves for what we need.

Here's the thing about creating successful relationships:

It's an inside job.

What? An inside job?

I was angry the first time someone told me that what shows up in my relationships has everything to do with my beliefs and energy about it.

I didn't like the idea of that at all. As a matter of fact, I dismissed it. For a while. But it turns out, it was the truth. And it wasn't until I discovered the tools that I want to share with you that my relationships changed.

The thing is the only true power you have is within you.

"You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself." Glinda - The Wizard of Oz

The upside of this is it is the gateway in to true freedom in all of your relationships.


What if you’ve always had this power, but you unlearned this as a child and now you can take it back?

What if, by feeling empowered, you actually get what you want from the people in your life with a lot more ease?

What if by learning to believe in yourself, to feel confident in yourself, you are able to create what you want in your relationships?

What if turns out the most important person in your life has always been you?

What if as you begin to put yourself first and treat yourself better, you teach others how to treat you and your relationships get better?

What if empowering yourself has a domino effect in ALL your relationships; with people, with money, with work, with health and with your life?

How would your relationships and your life look?


The Empowered Relationships Tapping Club

Real ~ Raw ~ Rewarding

A place where you can get REAL. A place where you can get RAW about your limiting beliefs and how they stop you from getting what you want. A place where you can release them which is always REWARDING!

Let's face it: You don't need beliefs like...

Relationships are hard work!
I'll never figure this out!
If they would just behave differently, I'd be okay.
This is as good as it gets.
They just don't get me.

Shall I go on? (I think you get the picture, right?)

Because the truth is:

Thinking these kind of thoughts, actually creates relationships where this is what you experience.

And if you want to create a different reality, then please, keep reading.

The Empowered Relationships Tapping Club is set up to support you in clearing out the beliefs you carry about your relationships.

As a member of the Empowered Relationships Tapping Club, you will:

Empower yourself to create what you want in your relationships (you will see all the ways you were steered wrong which prevented you from doing just that! (for real!)

Release the blocks that stop you from showing up for yourself first and foremost.

Newsflash: You are the most important person in your life.

Recognize - and say "Yes!" when you mean "Yes!" And "No" when you mean "No"

Get new tools you can actually use to support you in creating the relationships - and the life - you most desire!

Stand in a new place of freedom and confidence around your ability to create the relationships, you truly want!

And so, so much more...


Great! Here's how this program is set up:

Two times a month we'll hop on the phone together and tap to our heart's content about our limiting beliefs.

We're going to clear those puppies out so that you can keep stepping into a more empowered version of yourself each and every day.

All calls are recorded so you get to listen to them as often as you want.


You will have a like-minded community to connect with - one that believes in you, that supports you and cheers you on.

You can get all of this for only $37 per month for 12 months

Yes, that's right. Just $37 a month! That's barely over $1/day!

$347 Pay-In-Full Option for 12 Months Access

*Please note this is a 12 month commitment. We need this time to together to get positive traction forward.

FYI!! I love to share new content, so I'll give you advanced notice when I have a guest speaker whose work I want to share with you. (Think Bonus Calls.) If you can't make it you can always listen to the recordings, so you'll get more calls when this happens.

What People Are Saying About Working with Marti….

"I am really getting a lot out of this course. It’s really eye opening and I find myself using tapping so much throughout the day in things that I didn't ever intend to tap on. I'm noticing little things improving in my relationships too." Rebecca

"I consider myself an authentic person and I'm an experienced EFT coach myself. Sometimes however, it is not always easy to uncover my own blocks. I felt so aligned with Marti and her style of coaching. The biggest gift for me personally was her support, and reinforcement to allow ALL of my own feelings in a safe way. She is a skilled and encouraging coach and her programs are FULL of value!" Joanne

"This past Thursday. I ran into what you would call sticky situation... I was inside a driving range and hear a girl crying and screaming in the back of the parking lot. I don't usually like to getting in the middle of couples argument, but I felt something was wrong and empowered to go and do the right thing.

Anyway, she was glad that I came by to check on her, but according to her her boy friend was angry and got violent in the car just before they parked.

She said he struggle from ptsd.

Anyway, it was scary because I noticed he was wearing a military shirt and hat... and I didn't know how he would respond.

But, he came by and apologized for their behavior.

I told him that I just want to make sure they both were ok. Anyway, I think they worked out afterwards... she called her mother and got picked up later.

Thats a tough one... anyway I figure I share here." Rogerio

"I notice my thoughts changing from a 'how can I make them happy' to 'what is best for me' in my relationships. Granted, most of the time I'm still figuring out what would be best for me, but it’s a step further than assuming the responsibility of the other person’s happiness in every relationship." Sabrina

"I definitely feel a lot lighter and calmer after all the inner work we have been doing these past few weeks. I receive tiny bits of inspiration and hope that things can improve and it can get better with time. When there is a conflict, I will remember to do argue tapping." Meenakshi

"After we did the argue tapping today, I moved on with my day’s activities. In the afternoon, I got this insight that all the people that I had taken care of in my life putting their needs first and not taking care of myself- all of them are my greatest teachers. I learned something from all of them. I also realized that they are a mirror (something you have been teaching in the calls)to my own thoughts and actions. So, I don’t have to feel guilty for not taking care of myself first!) Thank you once again for the argue tapping." Meenakshi

"I evaluate more before I rush to help fix things.

I ask myself if I am expecting more of this person than they are capable of giving or if I am triggering survival tactics in them (and we all have some weird ones).

I ask myself, "Does this person really need/want my help"? , "Does this person see my help as nurturing or control (if control, it's easier for me to stay away).

I differentiate better between principals (to stand on) and preferences (to let go).

I give things some time to calm down rather than chasing my husband insisting on resolving a minor problem that can't be resolved when we are both triggered." Leny