Jumpstart to Lasting Change

Welcome to Jumpstart for Lasting Change

A simple 30-day program to jumpstart to a lasting change

  • Do you get down on yourself for not attaining your goals?
  • Do you find that not only do you not complete them, but you end up feeling worse about yourself?
  • Do you find you can’t seem to get any traction towards lasting change?

My intention for this Program is to turn this around. To keep it simple, so you begin to feel better about yourself one little win at a time. This program is also intended to assist getting you in the habit of tapping for 3-5 minutes daily. The cumulative effect of doing so can be highly effective.

Watch the Welcome video, then the How to Tap. There are 30 additional videos and they are in a sequence for maximum benefit, so do them in order for maximum benefit and focus on one video a day for 30 days and see what positive changes you begin to notice.

How To Tap