From Ranting to Raving

Discover the Hidden Power to Liberate Your Life

From the time you were a young child, you were told to quiet down, don't get angry, and to be nice, be polite and respect others.

But the truth is, quieting down meant you shut down.

Not getting angry meant that you got complacent.

Respecting people meant that you ignored the fact that some people didn't deserve your respect. (Gasp, is that even okay to think that?)

I did it. You did it. We all did it.

Why? Because being nice was supposed to get us the dream life. The picket fence. The raise. The retirement.

What it really got us was suppressed potential. We shut down our power, which is the thing that creates the dream life we've chased after.

That's why you're here. To change that around and to make things right.

It's time to get louder. Get angry. And it's definitely time to respect yourself – all of you, including the way you feel, even when it's not the proper thing to do.

And guess what? You can handle it. All of it. It's all okay. You're not going to get out of control or go crazy.

What's on the other side of this journey?

FREEDOM. Even ecstasy.

In this course you will:

  • Learn the highly effective technique to free yourself from being stuck.
  • You will understand why you sabotage yourself and limit your potential even though you’re smart driven and set goals.
  • Be shown precisely why you stay stuck and why you aren’t moving forward even though you are smart, driven and work on your willpower. (Hint: This is often hidden from you and hard to recognize!!)
  • Learn how to release the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from being the best version of yourself everyday.
  • Learn simple techniques to reduce stress and overwhelm so that you can keep positive traction and creating is long lasting change.
  • You will get the tools to sky rocket your confidence and never doubt the value you have to offer again.

Here’s what clients are saying:

"I felt a huge energy release while doing rant tapping with Marti on negative experiences from my past that were holding me back in life. Afterwards I felt more balanced and not much resentment anymore towards the ones that hurt me in the past. It improved my sense of wellbeing."Steve from New York

"Rant tapping is a powerful and effective EFT technique. During her sessions Marti uses this technique in such a masterful way that it yields great results.

It allows you to access and heal certain parts of yourself and your past in a gracious and empowering way.

It's been a joyful process, in which I was able to liberate my body in a gentle way from trauma, which helped me tremendously in healing from a life-threatening disease.

Marti is an extraordinary and extremely gifted coach. Doing this work with her will be a life-changing experience!."Roos van der Blom, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Marti is a Liberator Your Life Coach who assists her clients with being Radically Self Accepting so that they can liberate themselves to create a life and work they love.