365 Days of Abundant Living

What could change in your life if you had a practical system for creating more of what you desire in your Life?

  • A system for building your confidence on a daily basis.
  • High effective techniques that help you to release self-sabotage.
  • Understanding and practicing working with the Laws of living in a practical way.
  • A supportive group you can connect with on a daily basis when you're feeling shaken or want to celebrate and anchor in your wins.
  • Monthly trainings and Q & A's to train you how to utilize the tools you’re given for maximum benefit.

It's not at all about just think happy thoughts and your life will change.

If that worked more of us would doing it. This is about Practicing the Mindset of Abundance. It's about uncovering and releasing what's been keeping you from the success you've been chasing after for years. Now you can stop chasing and start truly creating what you desire in your life.

Welcome to 365 Days of Abundant Living

Here's what's included:

12 - 90 Minute Group Coaching calls (1 Group Coaching call per month.)

12 - 90 Minute Q & A Calls (1 Q & A call per month.)

10 MP3's 3 minutes of Tapping on each of The Abundance Statements for you to download.

Recordings of all Group Calls and Q & A's 36 hours of Recordings.

Send in your questions for each Q & A calls - You can send in your questions ahead of time, so that I can answer them on the calls.

10 MP3's 3 minutes of Tapping on each of the Abundance Statements translated into Access Consciousness Statements.

10 MP3's Things to consider about each Abundance Statement.

Handouts for each of the 8 Universal Laws that includes exercises to assist you in practicing how to utilize these Laws.

Pivot Tapping into Abundance MP3's for Health, Wealth, Self Confidence, Business Building, Health Relationships and more.

Workbook for 40 Days Program

4 Virtual 3 Hour Workshops

Private Facebook Page

*There will be additional Bonus MP3’s and Handouts as we progress through this program that will help support your progress taken from the Group Calls and the Q & A Calls as we move along.

Ready to join the 365 Days of Abundant Living Program?

The program starts Sunday, October 2, 2016.
This course is a rolling enrollment course, so you can start at anytime.
12 payments of $147 / month.

One time payment of $1,500 for 12 months.

"I greatly value Marti’s ability and wisdom. She holds the space in group work in such a respectful way, supporting each person individually and as a whole, a huge achievement. Every time i work with her i have greater self awareness and understanding and growth happens!!! Thank you Marti for all you give to us." Annie Sorell


I finished my 40 days yesterday, I had started way back got to 15 days and decided to start the 40 days again as I had forgotten to write my intentions.

So this morning I got a phone call from HR offering me a fulltime permanent position, whoo hoo.

I have only been there 3 1/2 years, it is almost unheard of to get this in recreation with Interior Health, I was told it usually takes 8 years.

And as an added bonus, the Universe knows that I desire Sunday off for my calls and the days off are Sunday & Monday.

Thank you God and The Universe. Carolyn Acott